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Announcement about failure of image upload function to Facebook(2018.08.03)
From August 1st, there is a problem that image upload to Facebook always fails.
We are currently considering solutions, but the prospects for the solution are not standing.
We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.
Notification of Update to LUMIX CLUB Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy(2018.05.24)
On May 24, 2018, we updated the LUMIX CLUB privacy policy in order to clarify the contents and handling of personal information utilized by the website.
In addition, we have separated the explanation related to the handling of personal information and that related to the handling of cookies into our privacy policy and cookie policy, respectively, and updated our terms of use to reflect this change.

Please review our terms of use, privacy policy, and cookie policy before using the LUMIX CLUB website.

Updated terms of use:

Updated privacy policy:

Cookie policy:

To cancel your LUMIX CLUB membership, log in to the LUMIX CLUB website and click Account settings - Cancel membership.

System Maintenance Completed(2014.10.17)
System maintenance has been completed.

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